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Interactive Maps

We have created a series of maps that display the location of Health Centers, Public Housing Developments, and other clinical and social determinants of health data.

Health Centers and Other Health Care Facilities Close to Public Housing Developments- This map shows health care facilities within a five mile radius of public housing buildings and public housing authorities. As the default, only PHAs and Health Center service delivery sites are shown. To view other layers, click the layers icon in the upper right corner. To find health centers near public housing in your state, click on the filter icon (funnel) in the upper left and enter your state abbreviation. To get a list of the health centers, pull up the attribute table at the bottom of the screen.

Health Centers In or Immediately Accessible to Public Housing Map – There are currently 297 Health Centers that are located in or immediately accessible to public housing developments. Click here to see where the Health Centers are located across the country.  

Health Center Program Grantees and Public Housing DevelopmentsThis map shows the location of all Health Center clinical sites and public housing developments in the country.  Zoom in to see how close each clinic is to the public housing development and click on the buttons for more detailed information on the name of the Health Center, number of units at the public housing development, and demographic information, such as income, racial and ethnic background, and household composition. 

Health Centers (HC) near Smoke Free PHAs– More than 600 Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) and Tribally Designated Housing Entities have voluntarily adopted smoke-free policies, resulting in 228,000 public housing units that are currently smoke free. The map below displays the PHAs located within 5 miles of a Health Center Program that has smoke-free units. The percentage of units that are smoke free are indicated by color; the darker green circles indicate greater percentage of smoke-free units. 

PHPC Grantees and Associated ClinicsThere are currently 106 Public Housing Primary Care (PHPC) grantees. This map shows the location of the PHPC and all of the associated clinic sites.