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Behavioral Interventions

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Behavioral Health Programs Specifically for Public Housing Residents

The Isaiah Wellness center engaged in wellness activities with seniors who frequented a local community nursing center. Included health promotion activities focused on chronic disease management through weekly group exercise sessions, a diabetes support group, and social support through a monthly dinner and discussion session hosted by the wellness center. The wellness center also offered ELDERSHINE, which is a program that promotes good mental health and overall wellness through meditation. Participants were monitored through a case management program.
“Group Prenatal and Pediatric Care” by South Bronx Health Center for Children and Families
The South Bronx Health Center began a program to educate mothers on ways that they can stay healthy during pregnancy and ways they could care for their newborns. Women were selected by their due dates, so mothers at similar stages of pregnancy or babies among similar age groups could be seen together. The prenatal group had more participants and was split into 27 groups. The program included scheduled medical visits, education on diet and exercise as well as weight management. Program participants were encouraged to breastfeed. Through peer support mothers were able to manage their health better but also take better care of their prenatal or perinatal child.
Breathe DC was a program that targeted tobacco use in public housing. The program conducted 6 four week cessation group cessations for public housing residents. The participants received information to help them quit and were exposed to secondhand smoke presentations. The program also trained 5 resident leaders to sustainable the program after the cessation sessions ended.