Diabetes Self-management Program (DSMP):  DSMP created by Stanford University that empowers diabetic patients to take control of their disease and improve their quality of life. Group session participants learn coping mechanisms for dealing with the effects of the condition, such as depression or stress, designing a feasible exercise regimen and healthy diet, proper use and understanding of medications, and cooperation with health providers.

Soul Food Light: Soul Food Light is a group education intervention which targets underserved rural minority communities to motivate people living with diabetes to begin to substitute unhealthy foods for better food options in order to better manage their disease. The program relies on supportive relationships to sustain positive physiological and dietary gains seen throughout the program.

Fit Body and Soul: Fit Body and Soul is a 12-session faith-based intervention organized with local churches to prevent diabetes in minority populations. This strategy uses a modified form of the diabetes prevention program by adding Biblical scripture to encourage African Americans to improve their health by increasing physical activity and eating right to avoid diabetes.