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Patient Center Medical Home Interview with Dr. Manjula Cherukuri
Conference call 1/28/2016
Dr. Cherukuri is Chief Medical Officer of Houston Area Community Services, Inc.



Patient Center Medical Home Interview with Zufall Health Center
Conference call 12/11/2015



Additional Sources of Funding for Outreach Activities Conference Call
June 17, 2015

While HRSA requires health centers to improve access to care and reduce barriers to care for underserved members of their communities, some health centers do not receive funding from HRSA to facilitate marketing and outreach. NCHPH will chat with a PHPC grantee about alternate ways to gather sources of funding for outreach activities.

Board Governance Conference Call
June 10, 2015


Charles Drew Health Center: Anita McGaugh
October 3, 2014

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), health center program grantees employ approximately 157,000 staff throughout the country. PHPCs offer an opportunity for medical students and public housing residents to participate in community-based health care initiatives, networks, and cooperative agreements. Medical students and public housing residents also have the opportunity to develop affiliations with other health care entities for the purpose of continued personal, professional and/or academic growth and development. The following interview provides innovative recruitment and retention ideas and describes how Charles Drew Health Centers has recruited and retained premedical students and public housing residents as staff members to serve their diverse patient populations.