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Trauma-Informed Care: ‘ACE’s Are Not Destiny’

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Wednesday, October 19th at 1pm ET

Linda Lingenza, LCSW, Clinical Services Director, National Council for Behavioral Health

Trauma-Informed Care: ‘ACE’s Are Not Destiny’ oriented the audience to the definition, prevalence and impact of trauma and provide an overview of Trauma-Informed Approaches and informed them how to apply these in their daily work. The goal of this webinar was for participants to gain increased awareness of the connection between trauma and mental health, addictions and physical health conditions and to teach some practical ways to promote healing and recovery.

Learning Objectives:
• List three ways a person may be impacted by trauma
• Identify two of the five principles of a Trauma-Informed Approach
• Explain how trauma-informed principles and practices can be applied to your mental health program